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Thomas Pöcheim

Company/ Organisation:

THOMAS PÖCHEIM RETAIL | INNOVATION | CONSULTING, Consultant for Innovation & Strategy

What is your background?

I am an experienced Country Managing Director with 35 years of experience in Consumer Electronics Retail-Business.

I am skilled in Leadership, Management, Negotiation and Sales for OmniChannel Needs, Marketing, PR, Logistics and Services.

Strong business development professional with a vision for the customer. Always looking for and open-minded to innovative and new ways of doing things differently.

More than ten years of experience in using iMindMap, Droptask and AYOA.

How did you feel the course benefited you?

I learned a lot about “generative thinking” and the associated possibilities and techniques.I have learned how to go from problem-solving to solution finding with a clear structure and apply the techniques learned.

What do you plan to do with your accreditation?

With the knowledge I have acquired, I would like to offer my customers a successful solution – from the idea through implementation to execution.

I offer the training for groups or company-internal workshops in groups or 1:1. I want to become the best AYOA trainer in German-speaking countries


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