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Kazuaki KAYABA

Kazuaki KAYABA

Company/ Organisation:

Kayaba Inc., President, Educator, Coach

What is your background?

As an educator, I provide career design to both children and adults and lead them to take action toward a goal.

I am also a member of the Animal Conference on Environment team ( ACE). A key goal of ACE is to encourage awareness of environmental issues from the animal’s point of view. Part of this process has been using mind mapping to create animal characters using mind maps. You can view an example of one of these workshops on my Youtube channel.

How did you feel the course benefited you?

Innovation is needed for mind mapping as instructors generally still use hand drawing. My course will introduce the benefits of digital mind mapping, alongside traditional hand-drawn mind mapping.

During the Covid19 pandemic, the learning environment has been changing.
This course has allowed me to adapt to teaching online and in person.

What do you plan to do with your accreditation?

Since Tony Buzan sadly passed away, mind mapping instructors in Japan need fresh motivation.
I would want to this course and expand this idea and activity as far as I can.