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Tegid Griffiths

Tegid Griffiths

Company/ Organisation:

Hannaford Bros., Learning Designer

What is your background?

After 12 years in the British Army (Artillery) and 10 years with the UK Police Services both as an officer and a civilian, I always found myself in a role that ended up developing others either through fitness, leadership, or technology skills.

Moving to the business and hi-tech arena this pattern continued. The goal was to find or introduce new and innovative ways to raise how training was delivered in that organization.

I have moved from a stand-up trainer to virtual classes, eLearning development, and most recently, microlearning using short animations and mobile tools.

How did you feel the course benefited you?

Mind Mapping has been an interest and passion for over ten years, and I have used it in the ideation and development of training programs. Becoming an Innovation Facilitator will provide me with the tools, both technological as well as procedurally, to take this to the next level by providing a collaborative platform that will help take ideas into deliverables.

What do you plan to do with your accreditation?

My goal is to take what I have learned into my team and further into the organization. I am also looking at introducing it to the Adult Education Centers here in Maine as there is nothing like it available currently.


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